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August.2021 Wuschni has a new cooperation partner, the reha gmbh workshop for people with disabilities from Saarbrücken (about 1000 people with and without disabilities work there). As part of this partnership, we design smaller (70cm) STEIN-Wuschnis according to our own ideas. We thus support their integration into the world of work and society. I'm particularly proud of that.


Of course, my basic idea of creating large sculptures for the modern garden or the stylish home remains unaffected.

Furthermore, it is my wish to be creative and have fun in a social atmosphere.

Talking something stupid and drinking something nice 😆

It should also bring art a little closer to people who have previously been less interested in art.

Wuschni (god of the stupid talkers) and I try to achieve this by painting Wuschnis stone.

The ambitious artist who wants to fascinate people with his sculptures therefore only comes second 😉

Sculpture trails, Wuschni parties, Wuschni street festivals and maybe even a Wuschni festival are also planned.

I would also like to promote tourism by creating the sculpture paths in such a way that they always lead past the good Saarland gastronomy. This is even a matter close to the heart of Wuschni and me personally 😊.  

Buy a ready-made Wuschni for your garden or create your own personal Wuschni in one of our courses.

Garden gnomes were yesterday, the future belongs to desire.

Please make sure to read the background story of Wuschni (see below) 😜. She is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Whatever you want, just write to me

Here is the background story of Wuschni.

On my travels through India I learned 2 fascinating things:

1.) that almost every family has its own curry recipe, and

2.) that there are over 3000 gods.

One of these gods also appeared to me, a true Saarlander, on a hot, alcohol-pregnant night.

It was WUSCHNI, the son of WASHMICH and SCHLAMPI.

Wuschni told me he was the god of TALKING THINKING. He was proud that most people worship him without knowing it. "Especially in Saarland," he said, "I have a large following." He was just a little sad that no temples were built for him. I told him I didn't have enough money to build an entire temple at once, but I could make some of its many faces in the form of masks and show them to the world. Overjoyed, he immediately started changing his appearance to show me how many faces slobs have these days. Only HE as God sees the stupid talkers with their true colors. Since then he has been visiting me regularly and showing me other particularly big slobs.

You can only see all your dreams in my large studio in Kirkel.

I hope you have as much fun looking at my dreams as I have creating them :-)

Visit me here in my studio on site.

Greetings, yours  

Jörg "Wuschni" Heil

Wuschni 024a.jpg
Wuschni 025b.jpg

oxidized copper  

oxidized iron


90% iron 10% copper



oxidized iron

oxidized copper


80% copper 20% iron



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