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SW MINI 001a
SW MINI 001b
JH 006a XXL Arnold Schwarzenegger
Wu JH XXL007a
WU JH XXL 005 S2a
2021 Wasserrad mit Wuschni
Rudi und Tini Wohnzimmer 2
Bar Wuschni 1
Wu JH 21_12 001 Pool 2
JH 016 Wu v Bier
WuXXL2 S2 2,70m Ho
WuXXL2 S1 Ho
WuXXL2 2,70m Ga1 Ho
Big Wu001 S1a
20160806_Leben 1
JH 006b XXL Arnold Schwarzenegger
Big Wu001 S2b
Wu 003 JH auf Mauritius

WELCOME to Wuschnis and my homepage JÖRG HEIL

It's time for a little culture

Wuschni supports people with disabilities, Projekt Wuschni, click above for more information  "Messages"

Founded by Jörg Heil in 2018, the Wuschni Art School and Jörg Heil Studio is a hidden gem in Kirkel / Saarland, whose special appeal lies in the presentation of larger and larger sculptures and masks for outdoor use. Enchanting gardens, larger homes and ponds is our main goal. In the case of large ponds, it is also ON the water. Every year the gallery organizes exhibitions and events to bring the wonderful world of art closer to the general public.

The Wuschni project will start in 2021, please read the news, you will definitely like it 😜

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